Here are "Very Detailed & Pictorial" Instructions....

Please follow these instructions meticulously as it forms a robust basis for our MIT Alumni Database.

Summary of Instructions
How to Add/Edit Your Profile in the MIT Alumni List

(For extensive Instructions, click the Image above)

  1. Find your name on the MIT Alumni List and click on the link next to the Profile.

  2. If your profile already contains an email address, the link next to your profile will say:  "Is this you? Click here to gain access to your profile."

    1. You will be able to request the Username and Password to edit the profile and you can then click on Edit Profile at the top of the page to login to edit the profile.

  3. If your profile does not already contain an email address, the link next to your profile will say: "Is this you? Fill in your profile here".

    1. You can then edit your profile and create a Username and Password at the same name.

Please note that your profile will temporarily be removed from the website after your first edit the profile however it will re-appear shortly once approved.

  1. If you need to edit your profile more than once, you will need to click on the "Edit Your Profile" button above the profiles and enter the Username and Password that you created the first time that you edited your profile or it was sent to you.

  2. If you forget the Username and Password, please click on the link that says, "I forgot my Username and Password." when you are trying to log in.

The Username and Password will only be sent to the email address listed in the profile.

If you have changed your email address or didn't enter an email address you will need to use the “Contact Us” page to ask the administrator of the website to add or edit the email address in your profile.https://ssl.gstatic.com/ui/v1/icons/mail/images/cleardot.gif

Please note we are using your Graduation Year as the basis and not your Joining Year”. We understand that for some of us it is a little bit "challenging" to put the Graduation Year.  So feel free to put Year of Joining in the appropriate column!  At this late stage in our life/career, all we care is that you are an integral part of the large MIT Alumni family!